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Carerix Analytics - General Information
Carerix Analytics - General Information
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Carerix Analytics

Carerix has introduced Carerix Analytics with Qlik Dashboarding. Carerix Analytics is made up of two parts, first comes the Carerix Datasource where you can get access to all your data from Carerix. The Datasource can be used in combination with the BI tooling of your preference.

Besides that we're giving you the opportunity to get started with the dashboarding from Qlik. We're giving you a jump start with 6 dashboard that are ready to be used.

What are we offering in Carerix Analytics?

Carerix Datasource

The Carerix Datasource is helping customers/partners that need daily access to their Carerix-data for reports/dashboarding or their own BI solutions.

With the Carerix Datasource you can get access to your daily recruitment data from Carerix, daily fresh from the previous day in a location accessible via FTP and in CSV format.

Ready for use 'Qlik Sense' business dashboards

We have 6 Qlik Sense Business Dashboard that are ready for use, depending on the Carerix modules you're using;

Activity Report, Time to hire, Candidate, Placement, Timesheet and Finance.

Information per Dashboard

Activity Reports

Track all activities of your team(s). Measure and compare to help them improve! Use measurement points (MIS) in Carerix to build specified activity reports.

Read more about the Activity Dashboard here.


Gain insight into all invoice details per location, client, candidate, etc. The Finance dashboard provides quick insights into, for example, your top clients or top employees.

Read more about the Finance Dashboard here.


Track new and terminated placements. Analyze all placements by candidate source, location, employee, etc. Use all your recruitment data for in-depth analysis of placement details.

Read more about the Placements Dashboard here.

Timesheet dashboard

Track all hours of employees (weekly or monthly statement). Gain insight into placement hours and internal hours. Benchmark and compare different locations, roles, employees, etc.

Read more about the Timesheet Dashboard here.

Candidate dashboard

Read more about it in our Candidate dashboard

Time to hire

Read more about it in our Time to Hire Dashboard

Help Info

In the Dashboard overview, you will find the yellow HELP page for each type of Dashboard. This page describes the data you are looking at.

Training and instruction videos

If you are looking for more in-depth information, there are many YouTube instructional videos available about Qlik Sense software.

Qlik also offers its own support portal, which includes many helpful videos.


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