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Carerix new mobile solution | activation

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With a fresh look and feel and with standardized user experience and interaction design we bring you a totally new and modernized Carerix application dedicated to our mobile users. Offering the same content in a different way.

For the first time in Carerix history empirical research and profound analysis of current user feedback, both quantitative and qualitative have been the base for a newly developed front end. With Carerix Seamless for Mobile, recruiters always have access to the most important information regarding their primary recruitment activities. 

Carerix Seamless for Mobile is a stand-alone application optimized to be used on a mobile device. It brings out of the box mobile functionalities to Carerix and your recruitment data to your phone. It offers seamless flows to check the latest status of your active matches, candidates and job orders and enables you to easily reach the details you are looking for.

Seamless is Carerix future alternative for our current CxMobile. We strive to offer a complete cover for current CxMobile functionalities and more.

For the pilot stage we start with the following entities enabled and available for use:

Seamless is focused on the recruiter on the go and therefore offers only limited functionality and information. Its a read-only application and it supports user role permissions as defined in your main Carerix 5 settings. Important to understand is that configuration profiles of Carerix 5 are not implemented. Fields that are hidden in Carerix 5 by means of configuration profiles can be visible in Seamless, given the field contains data.


Keywords: UD-2758

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