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Bulk mailings with Carerix
Bulk mailings with Carerix

How to use Bulk mailings with Carerix

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A Bulk mailing is an email sent to multiple receivers based on a selection from a list of addresses. There are multiple kinds of bulk mailings with each their own specific usage. Read the article below and decide what type of mailing will fulfil your needs.

Types of Bulk mail

Job order subscription

Candidates receive relevant Job orders published on your website. The Job order subscription works based on publications. Every candidate receives a personalised selection of publications.

Job order newsletter template

Manually select Job orders and send to a group of Candidates or Contacts (subcontractors)

Send list of Candidates to Contacts

Send a list with available Candidates to different Companies

Mail Candidates matched to Job order

Email all Candidates matched to a Job order.


Compose a new edition of your newsletter based on articles. Send this newsletter to Candidates and/or Contacts. An opt-out mechanism is a part of the newsletter functionality. (Not primarily meant to send out Job orders)

To print labels for a print mailing use the function Mail Merge in Microsoft Word.

Mailing with an external system

To send the mailing with an external system, you can use the "Mail Merge" function that is described above. You can use the column "email address" as source for the external mail program.

Birthday email

Carerix has the possibility to automatically send emails to Candidates and Contacts. 

Examples of bulk mailings

  • Birthday email -> email template with a trigger

  • Send a list of hand-picked Job orders to Candidates

  • Send a list of hand-picked Candidates to Contacts

  • Send a selection of Publications to a group of Candidates periodically (daily or weekly)

  •  Send an invitation to an event, possibly with a "Yes, I'll come" or "No, I can't come" link (also possibly based on a campaign)


  • You can determine the e-mail send limit as follows:
    Go to 'Maintenance' | 'General'
    Go to the panel "General"
    Go to the field 'EmailSendLimit' and change it's value (default: 10.000)

  • Carerix obliges its customers to confirm the general rules for anti-spam.

  • Carerix offers an option for Candidates to exclude them from the mailings. See Mailing opt-out.

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