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Release 5.295 // 26 March 2022
Release 5.295 // 26 March 2022

Archived candidate deduplication | Set specific owner for Job Alert Subscription

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Include archived candidates in de-duplication methods

In release 279 we have introduced the option to include archived candidates in your deduplication check. By default the deduplication check ignores archived candidates. In case you want your candidate archive to be included - to cover your history with a candidate for example - you can change the setting deduplicateArchivedCandidates to YES.

The setting applied only for manually added candidate records and did not include any API or Textkernel CV parsed candidate. This will change in this release as we included the following actions (ways to create candidates) in this setting:

In case you enable the setting found duplicate files will be updated accordingly and restored to your active database.

Job Alert Subcription: set specified owner

In case you use the job alert you might have noticed that subscribers always got the systems default owner. It now is possible to let your web developer include a specific owner to be set. Web developers can follow the regular known steps - as described in the documentation - to include particular owner(s) in their payload.

Smaller improvements & Bug fixes

  • Configuration Profiles: added the option to hide the button that enables the possibilty to create a candidate from a contact person.

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