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Preventing duplicate files
Preventing duplicate files

The method Carerix uses to check for duplicate files

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In Carerix you keep files of Candidates, Contacts and Companies. Every file in Carerix should be unique; if a candidate exists twice in the database, it will cause confusion.

Carerix will always try to prevent duplicate files by giving a notification when a 'possible duplicate' is detected.
More information below, broken down for each type of file.


Carerix checks for duplicate files when you create a new candidate. The following is considered as duplicate;

Possible duplicate

  • Last name + date of birth are the same

  • Zip-code + date of birth are the same

  • City + date of birth are the same

In these cases, the notification 'possible duplicate' is given.

Probable duplicate

  • Last name + zip-code + date of birth are the same

  • Social security id is the same

In these cases, Carerix assumes that it is the same candidate. No notification is given and Carerix will work with the existing candidate file.

More specific Carerix knows the following situations

Fill in the fields manually

You got the notification for a possible duplicate. If the candidate indeed is duplicate, select the duplicate candidate from the list. Carerix will combine both files.

Application through own-website (portal)

When a candidate applies through your own website, a new candidate file is created automatically. When this file is possible duplicate, an e-mail is sent with the code "web-dupwarn". Check if the file is duplicate and if it is, use 'Merge' to merge the duplicate into the original

Extraction with Textkernel

When you extract a CV with Textkernel, deduplication happens automatically. 

Bulk import

When you do a bulk import, the duplication check is not carried out.


To prevent duplicate contacts, Carerix uses the following check:

  • You click [New] to create a new contact.

  • Next you need to select the company that the contact belongs to

  • Carerix shows you a page with the Contacts that already belong to that Company;
    - If the contact already exists, select this contact and fill in the remaining information.
    - If the contact does not exist, create a new contact.


To prevent duplicate companies, Carerix uses the following check

  • You click [New] to create a new company

  • You fill in the name of the company

  • Next, you see a list of Companies where the name looks like the name you filled in.

  • Check if the Company that you want to create is not in the list;
    - If the company already exists, select this company and fill in the remaining information.
    - If the company does not exist, create a new company

Keywords: UD-1173

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