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Release 5.0.246 // 28 March 2020
Release 5.0.246 // 28 March 2020

Improved Quick Search

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We are happy to share this latest Carerix release!

Improved Quick Search

To improve the user experience and the usability of our Quick Search via the top bar, we have changed its behaviour a bit in order to facilitate full name search. 

Until now it was possible to search for (part of) the first name or part of the second name. The combination of the two would return 0 results. With this change you can search directly for a (exact) combination of the first name, middle name(s) and last name fields. While 'Bo Stevens' would not have worked out in the old situation it will in the new one. Given you have a candidate or contact record with matchin first and last name of course ;).
Ask your administrator to activate the setting advancedQuickSearchEnabled.

Last release we introduced two new search lines 

The following smaller improvements and issues have been addressed in this release:

  • Option added to restrict a job order deadline date not to be on the creation date (or earlier) itself. This option can be enabled via settings --> attributes & fields panel --> isDeadlineRestrictedToCreationDate

  • Fixed an issue with Textkernel CV parsing not filling out the street/full address

  • Fixed an issue with the sorting of talentpool matches/stages

  • Fixed an issue with the Carerix Social Browser taking middle names into account for existing candidate suggestions

  • Fixed an issue with the deduplication functionality via the Carerix REST API

  • Fixed an issue with confidentiality and triggered emails

  • Several smaller performance and security related improvements

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