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Release 5.0.222 // 13 April 2019
Release 5.0.222 // 13 April 2019

Create meetings in Seamless & Switch on off new candidate creation options in Carerix 5

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We are happy to share this latest Carerix release. #keepimprovingtherecruiterexperience

Carerix Seamless for Mobile Updates per 13-04-2019: 

Added the possibility to create meetings.

From this new release its possible to create meetings in Seamless for Mobile according to your user role permissions. To read more about how, read this article in our help center. 

Smaller Seamless Improvements:

Confidentiality setting visible in overviews. By showing a small lock icon in overviews, confidentiality of a record becomes immediately clear (only visible to owner of the record).

Create activities in entity details and activity tab only. To keep stuff clean the action button to create activities only will show on record details and activity tabs.

Save email as draft. It now is possible to save drafted emails to the draft folder in Carerix. - Note: it is not possible yet to edit a draft and send it from seamless application yet, for now you can continue in Carerix5. We expect this to be possible within two weeks.

Carerix 5: Enable/disable the new candidate creation options

Carerix offers out of the box 4 different ways of creating a new candidate:

  • Quick parsing option: when you have a cv document Carerix parses only the name of the candidate from the cv and creates a new candidates record with the CV attached (option 1).

  • Advanced option: use Textkernel extraction service to do an advanced extraction also saving contact details and work history if available in the resume (option 2).

  • Copy/Paste a web page (from LinkedIn f.e.) to extract this data into a candidate record (option 3).

  • Manually enter a candidate.

We now offer the option to switch off all options in this wizard except for the manual option.

How to do this:

  1. As an admin go to the settings menu.

  2. To switch of the the quick parsing option and the copy paste web profile option look for the cxparser panel.   

  3. In the cxparser panel you will find two options: enableQuickCVParsing and enableSocialCVHTMLParsing. Set both to NO to disable option 1 and option 3.

  4. To switch off the advanced cv parsing via Textkernel (option 2), one should look for the extractor panel in the settings menu. There you will find the enableAdvancedCVParsing option. Set this setting to NO.

  5. Always re-login (preferably using ctrl-f5) to let the changes take effect. 

Smaller updates & bug fixes Carerix 5

  • In Goede Banen: added 'procedure/category' (job order) and 'tax number' (company). 

  • solved an issue not linking sent emails to involved contact persons

  • solved an issue that occasionally caused calendarsync to be stopped automatically without a reason

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