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Release 5.279 // 31 July 2021
Release 5.279 // 31 July 2021

Announced changes for Qlik dashboards | Configuration Profiles | Candidate deduplication logic

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Changes in Qlik Dashboard "Candidates > Matches Trend':

As per August 11th 2021 the data model of relationships between Matches and Offices will be slightly adjusted. This will affect the dashboard 'Candidates > Matches Trend'.

The following changes will be applied:

  • All matches will be accounted to the office of the match owner. This is more according to how the Carerix application works.

  • We will also update the relation between placement and office: the placement will be accounted for the office of the placement owner.

Include archived candidates in the deduplication process:

Sometimes it happens that candidates that are not yet removed and/or anonymized in your database apply again or in any other way get in touch with one of your recruiters. In case the previous candidate record is still in the database you might want the system to recognize and recall this record so you have all relevant information available again.

Therefore we have added the option to change the deduplication logic in such way that duplicate records in your candidate archive in case recognized as a duplicate will be treated as such. Found duplicates in your archive will be restored into your active database.

To enable deduplication of archived candidate records one should enable a newly added setting called deduplicateArchivedCandidates should be set to YES:

Read more about the deduplication in Carerix in this article on

Configuration profiles additional options for two fields:

  • The field 'Credit limit' (Company) now has the option to be set 'Required'.

  • The field 'Credit Status' (Company) now has the option:

    • to be set read only

    • to be set read only in function of the record's status

    • to be set read only with a qualifier/condition

Configuration profiles help you build controlled workflows. For example by requiring users to fill out fields when needed, to restrict editing for specific users or in specific circumstances. Learn more about configuration profiles and its possibilities in Carerix.

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