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Release 5.300 // 4 June 2022
Release 5.300 // 4 June 2022

Bug fixes for: User Roles & Permissions | ADFS | Jobfeed

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Smaller improvements & Bug fixes

  • User Roles & Permissions general: the option to show (or hide) archived tabs (except for activities) was not working properly causing the archive tabs to be shown always. This was corrected. If you miss the archive tabs, please check the appropriate settings in the particular user role.

  • User Roles & Parmissions Talentpools: it appeared to be possible to make changes to Talentpool charecteristics/data on its general tab, even when no permissions were granted. Note: user role permissions for talentpools do in no way influence the (dis)ability to create or remove candidates from the talentpools. This remains possible.

  • Textkernel CV Parsing: due to networking issues the process of parsing sometimes ended up in an error. Especially when the time between the start and finishing of the process becomes longer, chances of an eventually failed parsing procedure were higher. This should be fixed in this release.

  • ADFS: a bug was fixed causing an infinite loop in case a loging was tried with an account known on ADFS client side but not having an actual active Carerix user account. An appropriate error message will be thrown now instead.

  • JobFeed: a bug was fixed causing the 'create vacancy' option not to work.

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