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Release 5.0.204 // 4 August 2018
Release 5.0.204 // 4 August 2018

Automatically archive anonymized candidates & contacts and additional filters for talentpools

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This two weekly Carerix release update is a pre-release note. We would like to give you more insights in upcoming changes and give you the opportunity and time to prepare/adapt to upcoming feature releases. In two weeks from now this update will be live.

Automatically archive anonymized candidates & contact

Fed up with those one letter candidates and contacts in your actual overviews? Because of GDPR you probably and hopefully use our anonymization tool on a very regular basis. Unfortunately anonymized records stay in your active candidate and contact overviews. But this can be history as of version 204 of your Carerix application! We introduce a new setting allowing you to automatically archive records that have been anonymized:

How to activate this setting:

  1. As a system administrator, go to the settings option in the maintenance section of the main menu on the left of your application.

  2. In the settings menu go to the panel 'Privacy | Process and save personal information'

  3. Put the setting on YES

  4. Relogin to let the change take effect


  1. Anonymized records will immediately be transferred to your archived tab resulting in cleaner overview screens

  2. Less work to keep your database clean and workable

  3. No more issues with required fields set in config profiles and users being stuck in a record after anonymizing

Note: the setting by default is NO, and needs to be set to YES by your system administrator.

New search filters in and related to Talentpools

Working with Talentpools becomes a bit easier and more complete with the addition of the following search lines:

From within a talentpool one can search for/filter on:

  • talentpool stages

  • date of birth

  • professional level

From candidate overviews it is possible to search for:

  • talentpool.stage - to filter candidates that have a talentpool match with a particular stage.

  • owners (of a talentpool) - to show all candidates that are in a talentpool that belongs to owner x. 

Smaller improvements and bug fixes

  • fixed a bug in calendar meetings when removing an attendee resulting in an exception

  • fixed a bug in the Activity Report resulting in showing wrong/inconsistent numbers of activities for different users (hotfix - available from version 202)

  • fixed a bug in the configuration profiles hide action section, resulting on not showing GDPR-related actions (hotfix - available from version 202)

  • fixed a bug in the XML API where the applyForSubscription for Contacts did not work properly 

  • fixed a bug resulting in displaying a confusing wrong trigger name for some system triggers related to publications

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