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Release 5.0.247 // 11 April 2020
Release 5.0.247 // 11 April 2020

New filter options for field, function group and function

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New filter options for field, function group and function

To better be able to find candidates with an exact combination of field, function group and function we introduced two new filter options in the candidate sections of Carerix:

  • field/functiongroup

  • field/functiongroup/function

How does it work?

  1. Use the magnifier glass at the end of the filter line to pop-up the selection box. Select the function group and function of your liking and click 'Add'

2. In the filter line it is not possible to manually adjust the filter values. Instead you can see the preselected values for (field), function group and function as selected before. Click on 'Filter' and you filter result should consist of only candidates with the selected combination of function group & function. 

Note: the Fields functionality is available on request. By default it is off and the Field option in the selection box will be filled with the 'default' value. One does not have to take this into account if you are not using the 'Fields' functionality.

Smaller improvements and bug fixes

  • Seamless Mobile is now updated to work with the advanced quick search improvement of last release (446) and now is able to search for full names instead of only first and last names apart.

  • Fixed an issue in the Textkernel Search! workflow causing candidate previews not opening

  • Fixed an issue with Chrome version 80 causing internal Carerix links not working properly

  • Fixed an issue causing searching on custom fields not working properly in some cases

  • Fixed an issue with activation tokens breakin the setting/partner activation flow (in the settings menu)

  • Implemented several security improvements and minor bug fixes

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