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Release 5.0.243 // 15 February 2020
Release 5.0.243 // 15 February 2020
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We are happy to share this latest Carerix release!

Talentpool filters are added to match overviews

To further improve the workflow with talentpools and regular matches we have added the following filters to the matches section/tabs:

  • candidate.talentpool.functiongroup

  • candidate.talentpool.function


  • candidate.talentpool.owner

  • candidate.talentpool.procedure

  • candidate.talentpool.stage

Carerix Portals: enriched contact details

Three extra fields will be added to the Contact tab in the Professional Portal, Supplier Portal, Client and  HR Portal:

  • Mobile number of the recruiter (if registered in Carerix),  

  • Office; and 

  • Office address.

These extra contact details will make it easier for candidates, clients and suppliers to reach out to their contact person. If needed, these extra fields can be switched of by Carerix Support.

The following issues are addressed in this release:

  • JobFeed: addressed an issue with the Add Vacancy button for Belgian apps

  • SocialBrowser: fixed issues with LinkedIn and Xing ccausing the plugin not to work properly

  • Fixed an issue for Spanish applications causing a problem with searching for owners with a middle name

  • Client Portal: an issue with the printing template to print a timesheet has been addressed and fixed

  • Seamless Mobile: to improve user experience we added a message in matches that do not contain info in the field 'evaluation'.

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