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A field is a specific discipline within an 'Office' based on a field/discipline (Engineering, IT, HRM etc.). 

  • Fields differentiate business units within the organization

  • A field is linked to a User and not to an Office

NB: Please do not confuse Fields (Product) with a Procedure (Product group)!
For example: Detachment, Recruitment & Selection, Projects, Interim etc.

Consequences of field activation

  • Every field is linked to his own Functiongroups and Functions

  • Fields can be linked to Skills. These skills are not visible for users in other Fields

  • All users share the same Company and Contact files, but every file knows his own status and owner per field

  • Candidates are shared and visible for all users


  • You'll need to have fields activated by the help desk

  • After activation an Administrator will define the fields


We do not recommend the use of fields. We only do advise this type of setting in specific situations. Please consult the Customer Success Team when you want advise on this tool.

Note: The use of fields is not reversible after this functionality has been enabled.

Keywords: UD-1856 

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