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Release 5.0.242 // 01 February 2020
Release 5.0.242 // 01 February 2020

ADFS & Multi-role

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We are happy to share this latest Carerix release!

ADFS & Multi-role

ADFS and multi-role (additional role) functionality were not supported in combination with each other. As the use of ADFS picked up lately, the demand to have the multi-role functionality available when ADFS is enabled picked up as well. From this release it is possible to take full profit of both ADFS and Multi-role at the same time!

Multi-role functionality is used for organisations that have users that have different tasks within the organisation or that work for different offices in different branches.

Active Directory Federation Services (or short, ADFS) is a software technology developed by Microsoft which can be used as part of logical access control to data systems by using a Single Sign On method.

The following issues are addressed in this release:

  • Several adjustments are made in the handling of (creation, editing of) timesheets and the Carerix calendar to improve performance

  • Fixed an issue with our Chrome plugin for LinkedIn causing non-recognized LinkedIn profile pages

  • Fixed an translation issue with the Current Employer field in the candidate detail, labour conditions panel 

  • Seamless mobile: added labour conditions section to candidate details. This means that availability (dates), possible subcontractor/freelance company and its contact are now visible. Salary fields will not be displayed as they are considered sensitive data which can be hidden in the main Carerix but not in the mobile app.

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