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Release 5.0.265 // 19 December 2020
Release 5.0.265 // 19 December 2020

ADFS: multiple apps behind single identity provider | Socialbrowser for Xing

Updated over a week ago


Smaller improvements and bugs fixed:

  • If you are using ADFS to facilitate your users authentication with Carerix it now becomes possible to use a single identity provider for multiple (different) applications at the same time.

  • Socialbrowser for XING has been re-enabled after changes in the XING profile page. It is now possible again to compare candidate information in your database with information on Xing. Note: creating a new candidate is possible but currently only succeeds in adding a candidate name. We will further investigate how to fix the parsing of more information into Carerix and will follow up later.

  • The weekly working hours (or days) of a candidate - as can be registered on the candidate's admin tab - now will be shown on the candidate preview. Depending on the selected unit the total amount of working hours or days will be displayed.

  • Resolved an issue with sending an triggered email right after candidate creation using Textkernel CV parsing. In some occasions it turned out that emails were being send without the recipients email address. Hence, the message could not be delivered.

  • A bug has been resolved causing a screen freeze right after (manually) creating a new candidate.

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