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Release 5.0.255 // 01 August 2020
Release 5.0.255 // 01 August 2020

Seamless for Mobile compatible with ADFS | Privacy and Cookie statement

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We are happy to share this latest Carerix release.


In this release the following bug fixes and improvements for the Carerix 5 platform are included:

Carerix Seamless for Mobile application now available with ADFS

To facilitate the growing number of customers that are using ADFS as an authorization method on the Carerix platform we enabled Seamless for Mobile to be compatible with ADFS. This means that, unlike before, Seamless for Mobile can be used by customers that use ADFS.

Seamless for Mobile is Carerix' solution to support the recruiter 'on the go' which easily enables the recruiter to check latest updates to matches, candidates, contacts and job orders. Its available for every Carerix customer and its free. Check our Help Center for more information on Seamless for Mobile and how you can activate it for your organisation.

Smaller changes and addressed issues in this release:

  • The Carerix 5 Privacy and Cookie policy is updated as per the 16th of July 2020 and we added its URL to the login dialogue box of your Carerix application.

  • An issue with the linking of offices to declaration types (for which offices a declaration type is available) was solved. Changes made in the checkboxes list of offices in the table setup were not stored anymore.

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