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Why Multi-Role?

You are a Recruiter and work at 2 Divisions; for Division A on Mon & Tue and for Division B on Wed, Thu & Fri. It is thus necessary to register e.g. interview notes or intake reports for each of these Divisions. But the same challenges will be encountered if you are a Division manager for 2 Divisions.

Imagine working for several Labels/BV’s, each with specific e-mail addresses and communication messages like e-mail signatures. If you want to create distinction between the notes, etc. you create for each Label/BV, it may be useful to work with several additional roles.

This functionality resolves the business case above by linking Additional roles to existing Carerix users. The name in the additional roles will remain the same, but it will be possible for you to establish another Division, User role, Configuration, e-mail address, email signature, etc. for the new roles.

What changes when you switch to another role?

If you switch roles, your username stays the same.
During switching, the following parts can be fixed/arranged:

  • Office

  • User role

  • Configuration

  • Email address

  • Email signature


Would you like to make use of the Multi-Role functionality in Carerix?
Please contact your Account Manager.

Multi roles do not change the number of paid licences/seats with Carerix. 


After activation, Carerix administrators can decide which User roles will allow Users to personally create an additional role. Please note: only the administrator will be able to create additional roles.

The administrator can also determine which User roles can be used when creating additional roles (users with a Recruiter role cannot have an additional role as Administrator).

An exact copy of the current role can be created by pressing New, whereby everything except the name can be modified.

Once new roles have been created, you only have to log in again to see them in the top-right corner. It is also possible to switch between additional roles in the top-right corner. The toolbar then becomes lighter in color to indicate that you are in an additional role. The most recently selected role will be loaded when you log out and log in again. It is only possible to log in as the main user, and not per additional role. Additional roles do not have an impact on then number of paid licences at Carerix.

Email address for Multi role

In a Multi-Role, you will have to synchronize with another email address than in your main/regular role. If there is no other email address available, you cannot create a synchronization with a mail server for the Multi-Role.


Different Roles are seen internally as different users by Carerix.

This means that mailboxes in your different roles are not combined.

For instance:
If you set up an email synchronization with the same mailbox "" in "Role A" en "Role B", all email will be entered double in Carerix.

(1x in the inbox of Role A en 1x in the inbox of Role B).
In general, this is undesirable. So don't do this.

Instead, synchronize your email only for Role A. When you would like to see the email in Role B, you can easily accomplish this by activating the "all received e-mail"tab in the user role, or by switching back to Role A temporarily.


First select which roles can be selected additionally:

  • Go to 'Management' | 'User roles'

  • Open the top one

  • Look at the top: If necessary, place a cross next to "Can be used as additional role"

  • Look at the bottom: If necessary, place a cross next to "Can create additional roles" (probably only for "Administrator"?)

  • Press [>] (save and continue)

  • Repeat 3/4/5 for the rest of the list

Now open the user that will be allocated the extra role: You will notice an extra tab entitled "Additional roles".

  1. Press [New] to create an extra role. 

  2. This is like creating an extra user, but the name cannot be changed (and no extra costs are charged).

  3. For this extra role, select
    - a "role name"
    - an identifying color (to distinguish it from other additional roles in the additional roles-tab)

  4. Enter the other details 

  5. Save the extra role

Users with an extra role will now see an extra drop-down menu in the top-right, which features their available roles.

Labels: UD-431, multirole, multi role

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