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Release 5.0.249 // 9 May 2020
Release 5.0.249 // 9 May 2020

Add additional info fields to previews & show document templates as a tab in previews

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Show your additional fields at the Preview section 

In this release we created an option to show your additional fields ('attributes') at the Preview screen. To make one (or more) additional field(s) visible at the preview screen, go to the table item and please check the box "Show attribute in preview".  

With this new feature, you can bring the info that is important in your process (which additional fields normally contain..) to the Preview. So users don't have to open a detail page anymore. 

Add a custom tab to Preview section 

Now you can show your document templates, at a custom Preview tab. This will help you further optimize Carerix to your workflow-specific needs.

This option is available only for non-multi record templates for all files (candidates, matches, talentpools etc).

Carerix WordPress Plugin 

The Carerix WordPress Plugin is updated! We have done both technical and functional improvements! 

  • Google for Jobs - Sitemap added, to improve better indexation by Google 

  • Improvement for CSS and required field indication (e.g. asterisk)

  • Vacancy details: headings and paragraph contents have unique CSS classes

  • Bugfix on parsing field Education in apply-form

  • Fixed clean categories at sync

  • Allow HTML to Source configuration

  • Fixed error notice in Chrome

  • Fixed error notice  in Edge 

The new WordPress plugin version 2.20.2 can now be installed.
Web builders can check the  detailed release notes at (behind login) 

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Fix on required field 'Publication stops as of' 

  • Added search and filter on candidate gender in matches sections (regular matches menu, matches tabs in job order etc.)

  • Deep links work for users that make use of ADFS. Once user logged in using ADFS login flow, deeplink functionality works 

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