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Information about the spamfilter in the e-mail module

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In the email module of Carerix there is 'Spam-tab'. The incoming emails which are labeled as such, are placed in the 'Spam-tab'. These emails will not be shown in the 'Received-tab'.

Your Carerix system uses a so called POP3 mailbox for every email . Every email address has its own POP3 box in the email system. The Carerix system and the email system are connected with each other in order for Carerix to read the mailbox.

Spam emails

Your Carerix system does not have its own spamfilter. Is your email synced with another email system such as Office365 or Gmail? Then the incoming email will be checked for spam by the other email system. This filter judges every incoming email. Based upon a score the email will be labeled as spam.

The Carerix system 'reads' this label and places the labeled emails in the 'Spam-tab'.

Are incoming emails often wrongly labeled as spam?

Then your spamfilter might be set up overprotective. Consult the administrator of your email system to discuss if this can be adjusted. 

Emails in the Spam or Deleted tab

Emails which are in the 'Spam-tab' or 'Deleted-tab' will be deleted automatically after a month. If you want to delete an email it does not matter if you place it in the 'Spam-tab' or the 'Deleted-tab'.

Out-of-office message

In Carerix it is possible to configure an out-of-office message. The out-of-office message won't be labeled as spam. For more information about setting up an Out-of-office message click here.

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