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Not receiving E-mail

What to do if you don't receive e-mails

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When you do not receive any e-mail in Carerix, check this page to see how to fix this. 

Button "Check E-mail" is gone

When the button "Check e-mail" is gone, that means that there is no setting anymore that e-mail needs to be collected from the mailserver. The solution to this is as follows:


  1. On the top right of your screen, click "My account"

  2. Scroll down in your account to the part that says "E-mail settings"

  3. Check the box "Fetch e-mail from mailserver" (see example image below)

  4. Check if all information is filled in correctly (e-mail server, user name, password, ssl/tls settings) 

  5. Click "Save"

User name and/or password are incorrect - MailboxLoginFailed

When you click "Refresh Folders" and you get a popup saying:

"MailboxLoginFailed" or: "Your mailserver user name and/or password are incorrect"

That means that the information you have filled in is not correct (anymore) which ensures that Carerix cannot contact your e-mail server anymore. When you fix this and fill in the correct information, this should work again. Keep in mind that there's probably a difference between your Carerix username/password, and your e-mail username/password. These two passwords are in no way related; your e-mail password is decided by your e-mail mailserver administrator.


  1. On the top right of your screen, click "My account"

  2. Scroll down in your account to the part that says "E-mail settings"

  3. Fill in the correct information here

    1. Check the box "Fetch e-mail from mailserver"

    2. Mailserver

    3. User name is usually the same as your e-mail address

    4. Password

    5. Security (optional; if your server requires it)

  4. Do you use IMAP? If so, connect the folders on your mail server to the folders in Carerix. If you need any help, contact your Carerix administrator;

  5. Click [Save]. 

Unable to connect to mail server

When you click "Refresh Folders" and you get a popup saying: 

"Unable to connect to mailserver" 

Carerix is unable to access your mailserver. Usually this is caused by a firewall or a mailserver setting that doesn't allow Carerix access.


Check with your e-mail server administrator / mail provider whether Carerix is allowed to contact with your mailserver to receive e-mail and whether the folders on the mail server can be made available for Carerix as well. If they ask, you can check the following article to see which IP addresses Carerix uses: IP range

IMAP folders incorrectly connected

When you receive e-mails in your e-mail software but not in Carerix, a possible cause could be that the e-mail folders are not correctly connected, or that they exist double on your mailserver (and you've connected to the 'wrong ones').


Check whether the connection between the folders and the server and the ones in Carerix, and correct if necessary. 

Please note

  • Microsoft Outlook has its own folder-system. This sometimes allows multiple folders that 'represent' the same concept, e.g. "Mailbox OUT" and "Sent items". A message may have ended up in "sent items" in Outlook, but if the sent items folder in Carerix connects to "Mailbox OUT" on the mail server, the e-mails won't show in Carerix.  

  • Carerix can only see and connect with the mail folder. Sub-folders cannot be read. When you move a message to a sub-folder, Carerix will not be able to "see" it anymore. 

  • Carerix is unable to collect mail messages from the server when folders show up double on the mailserver. When there are two folders named "Inbox", Carerix doesn't know which of the folders is the correct one and the server connection will be broken. This happens sometimes with Microsoft Exchange servers.


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