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How to set-up an Out of office message

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To set-up an Out of office message, the system template 'Auto Reply' needs to be installed. To install the template:

  • Go to "Maintenance" - "Templates";

  • Click the tab "Email" en click on "Library"; 

  • Scroll down untill you reach 'E-mail (File)';

  • Search for 'Auto Reply' and click "Install";

  • The template will be available the next time you login.;


Setting up the Out of office message:

  • Click on "My account";

  • Check the box 'Out of office' ;

  • Type your personal Out of office message;

  • Click "Save" to save your changes.;

Please note that the out of office message will be sent only once to every unique sender e-mail address.

The user will be notified with a pop-up after login in when the out of office message is active. When an received email is triggers an out of office message without any other messages, the received email will not be registered as answered. 

Keywords: UD-1398

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