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Link person to e-mail
Link person to e-mail

How to link a person to an e-mail

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You use the e-mail function in Carerix. Outgoing and incoming e-mail are linked to one or more files. According to which does this happen?

Outgoing e-mail

At every file there is a option 'Choose e-mail' with a list of templates, as long as there are suitable templates. If you create an e-mail based on one of these template, then the e-mail is automatically linked to this file. 

An e-mail that is created with the (+) button isn't automatically linked. If it is possible Carerix will try to link the mail based on the e-mail address.

Incoming e-mail

E-mails that come in to the system are linked using the following manners.


If an incoming e-mail is a reply on a message that was sent from Carerix, then Carerix will recognize that. The reply is linked to the same file(s) as the outgoing e-mail.

By e-mail address

Carerix looks to the sender's e-mail address from a incoming e-mail. If this e-mail address belongs to someone in the Carerix system, the e-mail message is linked to this person. 

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