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E-mail - Forward doesn't work
E-mail - Forward doesn't work

Troubleshooting | What to do if forwarding e-mails from Carerix to your own e-mail address is not working?

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When you use of the e-mail facilities of Carerix and as a part of these facilities, you have e-mails automatically forwarded from Carerix to your own e-mail address.


Forwarding the mails is turned off, and you see the message below:

"Subject: Forwarding e-mail for user ... failed

When forwarding the e-mail to ... an error occurred. Forwarding the e-mail is turned off.

Check if the e-mail address is correct"

Background information

It can occur that an e-mail that Carerix forwards, comes back immediately. This way you can get a mail-loop if Carerix does not turn the automatic forwarding off.


Reasons that an e-mail comes back:

  • The e-mail address doesn't exist (anymore).
    Every forwarded e-mail results in a 'bounce'

  • The mail server doesn't react or doesn't accept mails from Carerix.
    The mail results in a 'bounce'.

  • The receiving mailbox has set an "out-of-office" message.
    This will send a reply on every incoming mail. 


Check, based on the points above, if the receiving e-mail is working and doesn't lead to an automatic reply. If everything is correct, you can turn the functionality back on.

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