In the e-mail module of Carerix there is a tab called Spam. The incomming e-mails which are labeled as such, are placed in under de Spam tab. These e-mails will not be shown in the tap Received.

Your Carerix system uses a so called POP3 mailbox for every e-mail . Every e-mail address has it's own POP3 box in the e-mail system. The Carerix system and the e-mail system are connected with each other in order for Carerix to read the mailbox.

Spam e-mails

The e-mail system contains a spam filter. This filter judge every incomming e-mail. On basis of a score the e-mail will be labeled as spam.

The Carerix system 'reads' this characteristic and this way it know whether an e-mail should be placed in the spam tab.


Do you encounter the problem that normal e-mails are being labeled as spam? Then your spamfilter for your e-mailaddress is too rigorous and thus it gives e-mails a too high score.

Edit this spam score via your Plesk system.

E-mails in the Spam or Deleted tab

E-Mails which are in the Spam or Deleted tab, will be deleted automatically after a month. If you want to delete an e-mail it does not matter if you place it in the Spam or the Deleted tab.

Out of office message

In Carerix it is possible to configure a out of office message. Of course the out of office message won't be send to spam e-mails. For more information about setting up an Out of office message click here.

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