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Process automation - Matchproposal to client
Process automation - Matchproposal to client
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Match presentation to customer

You use the “Match Presentation” to introduce your best candidates to your (internal) customers, without the need to have them log in to a portal. The customer has insight into the candidate's data at the touch of a button, via a secure autologin mechanism.

What are the advantages?

  • Introduce your candidates in a safe way

  • Only show your customer data from your candidates that is really relevant

  • Let your customer approve or reject the candidate, so that you can immediately continue with the selection of the best candidates. When approving or rejecting, the match phase is automatically adjusted

  • It is possible to create multiple performances (anonymously or with all details, for example)

  • Candidate CVs are no longer shared via email, but in a secure, digital environment.

  • You decide how long the customer sees the candidate (based on vacancy status and match phase)

How does it work?

You (automatically) send an e-mail from Carerix to your customer with a link to be able to assess the candidate. The customer comes directly to a digital page with information about the candidate, with the option to download the original CV (if desired).

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