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Data quality in Carerix

How to work with the data quality in Carerix

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It is a hot topic; data quality. Who wouldn't want an ATS system filled to the brim with as much valid data as possible from Candidates, Clients and Contacts.

The Carerix system is the tool that is used daily. But how good is the data quality of the files really? But above all, how as an administrator to set up the Carix system in such a way that good data quality is enforced? This article discusses this.

Research shows that "as many as 92% of the ATS users surveyed suspect that their data is incomplete / inaccurate". Calculations show that there is “15% average profit more to be gained by using qualitative data compared to incomplete data”.

Bad data is at the expense of using the system, but even worse, it has a negative effect on the customer / candidate experience. Careful data management increases sales and provides more accurate reports. Applying the correct work process settings in Carerix will make the outcome of data more reliable and predictable. The result is more control over data precisely because of this improved quality. In addition, valuable data is often used to gain competitive advantage; "Measuring is knowing" after all.

In this article, tools, institutions and work processes are identified based on the recruitment process that can positively influence data quality.

This article is made up of three parts. These represent;

  1. Inflow

The process of processing data that ends up in Carerix;

  • Automated

  • Manually

  1. Enrichment

The ways of supplementing and enriching data;

  • User roles

  • Configuration profiles

  • Match phases

  • Tables

  1. Output

Applications with which data from the system can be used;

  • Search filters

  • Document templates

  • Email templates

  • Triggers


Automated (candidate applies via the website)

  • The structure of the application form on your own website is the first to determine the step of data quality. All data that is requested there ends up directly in the Carerix system. So make sure you have a form that asks for useful information

  • In order for the AVG flow in Carerix to run smoothly, it is even mandatory to show the Privacy Statement and to have the applicant agree to the guidelines as stated herein. Correct registration via the website provides the indispensable date of consent on which compliance with the retention periods is based

Manually (create a candidate yourself in Carerix)

  • If the recruiter himself adds a candidate in Carerix, he must manually send the AVG consent email to the candidate

  • Candidate can respond with yes / no in the received email

  • Dates such as Basis, Deadline and expiry date permission are filled


User roles

  • Control what a user is allowed to see, create, edit and archive

  • Shaping a rights structure in the application

  • Give / do not give access to baseline measurements, anonymization, admin tab etc.

  • Ensuring optimal settings to maintain data quality

  • The use of the transaction dashboard is set in the user role

Configuration profiles

  • Make it possible to hide fields

  • Give the option to make fields mandatory, sometimes even based on status

  • Can set fields to "read-only" making them only readable

  • Also have a possibility to validate some fields

  • For example; the field "Telephone Mobile" on the candidate in connection with WhatsApp link

Match phases

  • Require the user to follow a fixed recruitment process

  • Provides the option to make specific phases mandatory

  • Can be set so that the process differs per procedure from the vacancy and / or the category of the candidate


  • Are predefined drop down menus with concrete choices

  • Determine the output that occurs in email / document templates

  • Can also be custom made by the administrator himself

  • If correctly chosen, they contribute to the data quality

  • Creating fields yourself is also an option


Search filters

  • Provide direct insight into the data by means of filtering and sorting; tons of options

  • Saved, they display a quick default for 1 or more users

  • Also work on additional fields that you have created yourself

  • Can also provide insight into data quality

Document templates

  • Make use of data that is retrieved from Carerix: eg CV template

  • Reporting data quality from your Carerix application

  • For example: "change dashboard", "check identical e-mail check"

  • And also: "file quality of candidates / contact persons / clients"

Email templates

  • Show div. content from the Carerix application.

  • Show the correct salutation based on form of address, gender and language

  • Confirmation email: vacancy name, vacancy number

  • Proposal email: name and address details of candidate, motivation recruiter, fields from CV

Triggers - examples

  • Match phase will be changed to ... "5.3 | All parties agree

  • Vacancy status is changed to ... "Filled in"

  • Candidate's birthday passes in ... "0 days"

  • Send E-mail according to template with code ... "HAPPYBDAY"

  • Candidate document valid until passes in ... "8 weeks"

  • Create task according to template ... "CHECKDOCCANDIDATE"

  • Candidate availability date passes in ... "28 days"

  • Make task according to template ... "Check with candidate availability"

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