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Use automatic matching to easily find suitable candidates for a specific job order. By filling in synonyms in the correct tables and using directed search for CV's, you quickly find suitable candidates and make matches.


The administrators fills in synonyms.


  1. Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Tables'

  2. Click "New"

  3. Enter the following information:
    Table: Function1
    First text box (the title): Market researcherFunction
    group: CommercialSynonyms: marketresearcher, market researcher, market analyst, marketanalyst

  4. Click OK.

The user searches for candidates for the job order Market researcher.

  1. Go to "Job orders".

  2. Click on a job order that has the values "Commercial/Market researcher" for "Function/Function group".

  3. Click the tab "Candidate search".

  4. At the search field click "New line".

  5. Select the values: "CV Attachment" and "contains any of".

  6. Click the hand icon next to the search field.

  7. In the pop up screen, fill in the following line: $vacancy.toFunctionLevel2.notes.terms"vacancy" refers to the information from the general tab of the job order."toFunctionLevel2" refers to Function1!"notes" refers to the synonyms field of the table."terms" makes sure that the synonyms are separated correctly.

  8. Click "Find"
    Carerix finds the candidates that have any of the synonyms of "Market researcher" in their CVs.

  9. Click "Add to matches".
    Save this search line to simplify the matching of candidates to other job orders in the future.

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