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The ClientPortal allows you to give your clients an insight into your services. You determine which clients will be awarded access

  • Clients easily create vacancies which are implemented directly in Carerix.

  • The client sees potential candidates for all open vacancies.

  • You can determine exactly which candidates the client will see. Candidates will be ranked in order of suitability.

  • Clients can search/filter candidates based on various fields.

An overview of the possibilities:

1. Present an overview of candidates

Possible to show (pre-selected) candidates to clients who have been given access to the portal. Clients can use filters to perform searches, view and save CV’s and easily request meetings with candidates.

2. Present an overview of vacancies

An overview of active/inactive vacancies.  Also show how these vacancies are progressing (Match overview). Clients see the vacancies they have listed, accompanying actions (Matches) and the current status of these Matches. Clients can also enter vacancies themselves, which are then automatically included in your database.

If you opt for the Carerix Staffing edition, this will also offer you:

3. Online time sheet approval

Clients can easily approve time sheets online. Naturally, this will reduce the time needed to approve time sheets.

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