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Process Automation - Profile enrichment
Process Automation - Profile enrichment
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Profile enrichment

With the profile enrichment template you can ask candidates specific questions tailord to gheir profile. This can be done immediately after application or by email from Carerix.

All responses received will go directly into the corresponding fields. This way, your recruiters no longer have to manually enrich the profile and the database is continuously kept up to date. Quick and efficient.🕞

🔥Tip: to maximize the candidate experience, you can aks candidates a few questions immediately after applying, linked to the profile you are looking for.

What can I use the templates for? You can use these templates in different ways:

An email can be sent from Carerix to candidates in which they can enrich their profile at the touch of a button. Fast and digital!

Linked to a job application page. It is interesting when you immediately ask a candidate some specific questions after applying to further complete his/her profile. This immediately gives a recruiter a complete picture of a candidate.

How is profile enrichment structured? A profile enrichment template is made up of 16 different pages with questions. A wide variety of questions from personal details, commuting preferences, language skills, work experience, education, to inquiring about the candidate's availability.

You, together with a consulant, choose the pages you need.

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