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Process Automation - Application and registration
Process Automation - Application and registration
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Application page and Registration page

What can I use these pages for?

With these templates you have everything you need to create attractive application pages for specific profiles and have all information immediately entered into Carerix.

For example, think of

  • Maximize the conversion of social media campaigns into a job application

  • Registration page for a job fair or events (Application)

  • Registering candidates without a vacancy (Registration)

How is a template constructed?

An application template is composed of three different pages by default:

  • Apply page: candidates can leave their details here to apply for the relevant vacancy

  • More information page: candidates receive more information about the vacancy here.
    Think of job description, offer, wanted profile, ...

  • Thank you page: this is the page where the candidate ends up after applying

The Registration page does not contain an “extra information page”, but it does contain a registration page and a thank you page.

Set up an application page in just a few steps 🚀

To get the most out of your application page templates, the consultant ensures that you can personalize many things. This way you ensure that your application page is perfectly tailored to the target group you are looking for.

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