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Process Automation - Document generator
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With the Document Generator you can easily have your recruiters generate documents with data available in the ATS.

Configure your Word template once with the correct tags. This way, your recruiters no longer have to manually edit documents and your documents remain uniform. Quick and efficient. 🕞

What can I use the templates for?

You can use these templates in different ways:

  • uniforme cv's

  • welcome brochures

  • deposit slips

  • onboardingdocumenten

  • employment contracts

  • registration sheets

  • ...

Which files are available?

We have currently started generating documents with data from the candidate. These will be expanded to other files in the near future. Think of client, vacancy, placement, contact person.

Template settings

When creating a new template you can upload a Word document (.docx).

You can also give your template a name . This name gives the recruiter more information about the contents of the template.

The file name you choose may contain the same tags you want to use in your template. (e.g. cv_generated_{cand_first_name}_{cand_last_name}.docx ). Just like in the document, these tags will be replaced by the correct fields if they are available.

You can set up the list of available types in Carerix based on a code ' minggo_documentGenerator '. The generated document will immediately be of this type.
Tabel item: "Document type of attachment"

You then choose in which file the template should be visible. You can currently create templates for all files, but you can only call them up for candidates.

Finally, choose the language of your template. This ensures that you can also generate documents in other languages. Selection lists are retrieved in the selected language (if available in your system)

The checkboxes 'Downloadable', 'Save in Carerix' and 'Output as PDF' determine which buttons will be visible to the recruiter.

What tags are available?

You are able to use the tags described below:


  • cand_birth_city

  • cand_birth_date

  • cand_educations

    • cand_educ_country

    • cand_educ_diploma_title

    • cand_educ_education_1

    • cand_educ_education_2

    • cand_educ_education_3

    • cand_educ_end_date

    • cand_educ_has_certificate

    • cand_educ_institute

    • cand_educ_start_date

  • cand_email_private

  • cand_experience_since_date

  • cand_first_name

  • cand_function_1

  • cand_function_group_1

  • cand_function_level

  • cand_gender

  • cand_home_city

  • cand_home_full_address

  • cand_home_number

  • cand_home_number_suffix

  • cand_home_postal_code

  • cand_home_street

  • cand_languages

    • cand_lang_lang

    • cand_lang_read_level

    • cand_lang_speak_level

    • cand_lang_write_level

  • cand_last_name

  • cand_last_name_prefix

  • cand_mobile_number

  • cand_nationality

  • cand_payment_bic_code

  • cand_payment_iban_code

  • cand_phone_number

  • cand_skills

    • cand_skill_level_1

    • cand_skill_level_2

    • cand_skill_level_3

  • cand_sofi_number

  • cand_title

  • cand_trainings

    • cand_train_end_date

    • cand_train_name

    • cand_train_start_date

    • cand_train_trainer

    • cand_train_training

    • cand_train_training_level_2

  • cand_work_histories

    • cand_work_branch

    • cand_work_contract_type

    • cand_work_employer

    • cand_work_employer_info

    • cand_work_end_date

    • cand_work_end_reason

    • cand_work_function

    • cand_work_function_group

    • cand_work_function_name

    • cand_work_info

    • cand_work_location

    • cand_work_reference

    • cand_work_sector

    • cand_work_start_date


  • match_status

Job order

  • vac_appl_contact_info

  • vac_business_line

  • vac_company_info

  • vac_contracttype

  • vac_driver_license

  • vac_end_date

  • vac_experience_level

  • vac_function

  • vac_function_group

  • vac_hours_per_week

  • vac_intro_info

  • vac_jobtitle

  • vac_max_salary

  • vac_min_salary

  • vac_number_of_vacancies

  • vac_offer_info

  • vac_procedure

  • vac_requirements

  • vac_start_date

  • vac_status

  • vac_mon_work_minutes

  • vac_tue_work_minutes

  • vac_wed_work_minutes

  • vac_thu_work_minutes

  • vac_fri_work_minutes

  • vac_sat_work_minutes

  • vac_sun_work_minutes

  • vac_vacancy_information

  • vac_vacancy_number

  • vac_work_city

  • vac_work_location

  • vac_work_postalcode


  • cpe_email

  • cpe_firstname

  • cpe_jobtitle

  • cpe_language

  • cpe_lastname

  • cpe_mobilenumber

  • cpe_phonenumber


  • comp_bank_account_number

  • comp_bank_bic_code

  • comp_bank_iban_code

  • comp_email

  • comp_kvk_city

  • comp_kvk_number

  • comp_name

  • comp_phone_number

  • comp_visit_city

  • comp_visit_country

  • comp_visit_number

  • comp_visit_number_suffix

  • comp_visit_postal_code

  • comp_visit_street


  • job_contracttype

  • job_startdate

  • job_enddate

  • job_ext_identifier

  • job_hours_per_week

  • job_inv_customer_reference

  • job_inv_subject

  • job_name

  • job_mon_work_minutes

  • job_tue_work_minutes

  • job_wed_work_minutes

  • job_thu_work_minutes

  • job_fri_work_minutes

  • job_sat_work_minutes

  • job_sun_work_minutes

How can I use the tags?

The tags should be placed between "curly brackets" in your Word document. The tags are replaced with effective data if available from the underlying system. The styling, spacing and formatting that you give your tag in the .docx document will be taken over exactly at the time of replacement.

Regular tags

Use these tags wherever you want. Tags in headers and footers are also replaced.

Nested tags

Use "nested tags" for a group of data (e.g.: education, languages, skills, etc.)

Start with the "parent" preceded by a "#" and end with "{/}"

Within this format, all underlying fields can be addressed.

If multiple courses (or languages, skills, etc.) are found, the same block - that which is within this structure - will be repeated for each item.


  • tags can be used multiple times within your template

  • formatting is copied 1 to 1 when replacing

  • "nested tags" can only be used within their correct parent

  • don't forget to end nested tags with "{/}"

Generate documents

We enable the recruiter to make the available templates visible via a button on the candidate file in the ATS.

In the opened screen the recruiter has an overview of the available templates. The available buttons depend on the settings you selected when creating your template.

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