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Joboti develops virtual assistants.
Using a chatbot for recruitment activities enhances the 'candidate experience', handles the recruitment process more efficiently and causes a higher conversion rate. 

Chatbots are an easy option to get in touch with Candidates. The chatbot is 24/7 available to answer any questions, and is integrated in Carerix so all the gathered chat information is saved immediately within the Carerix application.  


Joboti is created to enhance insight in Candidates and the amount of gathered leads. At the same time it improves the 'candidate experience'. Joboti consists of different recruitment modules: 

  • Candidate Experience:
    Answers the frequently asked questions automatically.

  • Interview Scheduler:
    Allows candidates to plan themselves in the calendar of the recruiters.

  • Job Alerts:
    Job Alerts and Push notificaties can be sent through Facebook Messenger.

  • Apply & Pre-select:
    Replace your application form by a chatbot and check through pre-selection if a good match is made between the candidate and the job order.

These virtual assistants can be implemented as recruitment assistents in any organisation. All gathered candidate information will land in the Carerix application within the candidate file, which improves the pre-selection criteria. 

More Information

If you're interested in the other possibilities of a virtual recruitment assistent: the Joboti website has more information.
You can also contact our partners at Joboti through e-mail or telephone:, (+31) 020-2615045

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