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Release 5.306 // 27 August 2022
Release 5.306 // 27 August 2022

Automation | Trigger | New UI updates

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⚡ Carerix Automations: New trigger to close VONQ publications

If you are using the VONQ job posting integration to create job postings on external jobboards it can be challenging to manage your publications on both the Carerix and Vonq side.

Especially when job orders come to a closure, successfull or not, you (ideally) need to close the job orders publications on your various media. For your own website this is easily manageable but when it comes to a multiposter it can become more difficult.

Therefore we introduce a new trigger event that will automatically close open publications that run via VONQ on external job boards when Job Orders are closed or archived or when the Carerix publication is archived.

How the trigger works exactly, how you can configure it and what conditions apply is explained in the following help-article:

Additionally, we improved the functioning of the VONQ integration, making sure that in case the VONQ API replies Carerix with a response that the publication Carerix tries to stop on the VONQ side does not exist (anymore), the publication in Carerix will be set on the status 'Stopped' instead of 'Stopping failed'.

Automation is one of the key words for nowadays businesses. Within Carerix it is possible to create workflows with single and advanced automations via so called triggers. And if you want to take automation to a next level it is possible to integrate with third party software for (f.e.) (recruitment) marketing automation platforms.

🎨 New UI updates

The following elements in the UI have been updated:

  • The set stage action dropdown in match overviews is moved from the bottom of the overviews to the action bar on top. The drop down menu is restyled following the design style guide.

  • A change was made to the new email modal window with regard to the CC and BCC field: spacing was added between the fields and in case more than one line is in use a scroll is added to enable viewing all addressees.

    ⚠️ Note: We apply a staged roll out for new UI elements and your system might not yet have them. In that case you do not have to worry as we will bring them to you any time soon! If you would like to be included as an early adopter, please contact your customer success manager.

🤖 Small improvements and bug fixes:

Every release includes minor improvements and bugfixes that improve the performance and user experience. Not all of them are visible to the end user. Fixes that directly affect software behavior and user experience are briefly noted below.

  • Publications to VONQ that end up on the status 'Stopping Failed' often were stuck on that status while pushing the 'Stop' button did not seem to do anything. In many cases it was found that this was the case because the VONQ API response that the publication did not exist on the VONQ side was treated by Carerix as a failure to stop the publication. The particular publication, hence, was set on status 'stopping failed'. With this fix such VONQ API response will be treated as a success and the publication status in Carerix will be set to 'Stopped'.

  • A bug fix was done to ensure data for additional info fields entered in new wizards actually gets saved in all cases. It turned out that for additional info fields that are not on the general tab, saving of its data failed when the user tries to store data in that particular field during the creation of a record.

  • Additional condition is added for changing the expiration date of passwords upon setting a new one: in case the user sets an expiration date during password updating, this value is respected and stored.

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