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Release 5.278 // 17 July 2021
Release 5.278 // 17 July 2021

Triggers & important Starred notice

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This release amongst others consists of the following items:

New Trigger Event: Last publication date is passed since...

We have added a new trigger event for publications: last publication date has passed since... This makes it possible to set trigger actions beyond the last publication date instead of only in advance (last publication date is going to pass in...) which was already possible for a while. Find out more about Carerix automation in this article about triggers or watch the following video (in dutch but can be subtitled in English:

Alert for disabling table items that are involved with triggers

To better assist administrators we have introduced an alert that gives the admin a sign when he disables a table item which is set as a parameter for a trigger.

For various triggers it is possible to act upon the selection of a table item:

For example: 
In case you set a candidate record to status x (=table item), than perform action y.

Or the other way around:
In case you perform event x, than set the candidate record to status y (=table item).

From this release onwards the administrator will receive a popup notification that he is disabling a table item that is involved with a trigger and as a consequence the related trigger will be deactivated as well.

Important notice for customers using the Starred integration in Carerix:

From the 19th of August the Starred API will no longer allow the current way the starred integration with Carerix is authenticating. Instead they require an API token.

We have added a field where the API token can de entered in te Carerix settings menu, panel Starred Integration.

A valid API token needs to be generated in your Starred environment. To keep the Carerix integration working this needs to be done before the 19th of August 2021.

For more information on generating the API token please refer to Starred support and/or documentation.

Smaller bug fixes and improvements:

  • Socialbrowser Chrome plugin: fixed an issue with diacritics wrongly entered in the Carerix database.

  • Socialbrowser Chrome plugin: fixed an issue on Xing that caused the current job title not to be parsed for newly created candidate records.

  • Configuration Profiles: fixed a bug that occasionally could result in newly created candidate records manually had no name (even though entered in the wizard).

  • Fixed an issue that could result in wrong timezones set in .ics attachments (calender invites).

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