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Release 5.332 // 26 August 2023
Release 5.332 // 26 August 2023

Automate with talentpools | Triggers | Filtering

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🦾Automate your talentpools!

As automation is booming, the introduction of trigger actions and events for talentpool matches is here. Simple one-on-one changes of talentpool matches related stuff now easily can be configured. Automatically change a talentpool match stage or set or remove a talentpool match to/from a group in case its modification date is passed for X period of time. Or because the match stage itself was changed into value Y, trigger a change of the candidate status... Various options are available.

👉 Trigger EVENTS (if this) available for talentpool matches:

  • Talentpool match is added to group…

  • Talentpool match is created…

  • Talentpool match modification date is passed since…

  • Talentpool match stage group is changed to…

  • Talentpool match stage is set to…

👉 Trigger ACTIONS (than that) available for talentpool matches:

  • Talentpool match is added to group…

  • Talentpool match is removed from group…

  • Talentpool match stage is set to…

🗓️ Calendar 2.0: Create Recurring Events in Carerix & Add Carerix Resources to your meetings in Carerix

It is now possible create recurring events from Carerix. It was already possible to show recurring events created on your Google or Microsoft agenda, however one could not make changes there. If you want to learn more about recurring events, known issues and not yet supported features: please visit the dedicated the help page.

Additionally it now is also possible to use your Carerix resources in the Carerix agenda 2.0.

Its possible to select a resource (e.g. a meeting room) in the specific meeting setup as well as easily find out at what time slots the resource is available or already booked. Also for resources a dedicated help page was drawn up. Look up for more information!

📑Extended filtering of candidates in Talentpools

To further enable recruiters to find the perfect candidate within a talentpool we have added a couple of additional filter lines to shake out your perfect match from your talentpool!

👉 Extra filter options available on Talentpool candidate tab:

  • ⏰ candidate availability date

  • 🚗 candidate has a driving licence (or not)

  • 🗃️ candidate category

🤖 Smaller improvements and bug fixes:

Every release includes minor improvements and bugfixes that improve the performance and user experience. Not all of them are visible to the end user. If the release contains changes that directly affect software behavior and user experience they will be briefly noted below.

  • Fixed an issue that in very rare occasions could lead to losing a tariff line in a placement

  • Additional trigger events on placements: 'Placement expected end date is within...' & 'Placement expected end date is changed' are available now.

  • It is no longer possible to request a database dump from the system settings. If you need one, please contact our support desk.

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