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Release 5.292 // 29 January 2022
Release 5.292 // 29 January 2022

Microsoft Teams | Whatsapp for Business | Joboti | VonQ Job Posting

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Microsoft Teams Link Copy button

To easily copy the Microsoft Teams Meeting link an additional copy button is introduced next to the button to join the attached Microsoft Teams Meeting.

Quick access to your Whatsapp for Business Inbox

When using the Joboti Smart Inbox in Carerix it now is possible to activate a Whatsapp Menu item that will appear next to your Email inbox in the left menu of your Carerix. So you can easily access all whatsapp conversations with your Whatsapp Business account, with just one click wherever you are in the system!

Make sure you add the code "WHATSAPP" to the correct document template at Maintenance > Settings > Document templates

And set "showWhatsappinleftmenu" settings to "YES" at Maintenance > Settings > Joboti.

Smaller improvements & Bug fixes

  • As Vonq Job Posting replaced In Goede Banen, all traces of IGB have been removed and changed into Vonq Job Posting.

  • Job Orders that have been created with Jobdigger now can get Jobdigger as their source by default if the Job Order source table items are configured correctly.

  • An issue causing an error in the XML output of our REST API in case of an error report has been resolved.

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