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Release 5.0.271 // 27 March 2021
Release 5.0.271 // 27 March 2021

New compnay trigger event | Postal code address lookup in street field mode

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New trigger event for companies

'If company status is set to...' makes it possible to automate actions based on status change. For example: send out an email or create a task for the responsible recruiter.

Postal code look-up (NL only) available in streetfield mode

Postal code look-up which is available for Dutch postal code and automates the filling of the full address field is now also available in case you use the streetname field instead of the full address field.

Smaller updates and improvements:

  • An issue with the full copy of a job order that resulted in linking the new copy to a different company record (with the same name) is resolved.

  • An issue with Chrome version 89 causing parts of the Carerix interface disappear in some specific occasions/setups was resolved.

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