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Release 5.303 // 16 July 2022
Release 5.303 // 16 July 2022

UI upgrades | Configuration profiles

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New UI updates

The following elements in the UI have been updated:

  • Some left over pop ups have been taken care of to have the new look implemented. Amongst others: the small pop up calendar in the top right menu, the ad block warning, the 'applied to these users' pop up in the configuration profiles.

  • Missing icons have been added to several error and warning messages.

  • The size of a couple of buttons in wizards was off which caused buttons to appear larger than intended. This is fixed.

  • 'Undefined' headers have been replaced with real headers

  • Missing types for notifications have been added so the correct UI elements can be applied.

Note: New UI updates are subject to a staged roll out. It can be the case that your Carerix system does not have the updates yet.

Smaller improvements & Bug Fixes:

  • There was an issue with the configuration profiles not hiding filter options in all cases available - this is resolved.

  • In match and talentpool entities overviews a gender column was shown only showing gender tags. This column is removed. Gender (& age) details can be provided as a suffix to the candidate name. This is subject to the hideSensitiveInformation setting. In case this setting's value is YES, no gender and age infromation is shown.

  • The maximum amount of characters for the Identification Document Number field is extended to 25 (was 20) to better fit with different countries ID numbers length.

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