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Release 5.304 // 30 July 2022
Release 5.304 // 30 July 2022

UI Upgrades | Password expiry date set bug fix | Small improvements and bug fixes

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New UI updates

The following elements in the UI have been updated:

  • Some left over pop ups have been taken care of to have the new look implemented. Amongst others: the small pop up calendar in the top right menu, the ad block warning, the 'applied to these users' pop up in the configuration profiles.

  • All entity overviews now have the updated styles.

All entity overviews have updated styles

Note: We apply a staged roll out for new UI elements and your system might not yet have them. In that case you do not have to worry as we will bring them to you any time soon!

Small improvements and bug fixes:

Every release includes minor improvements and bugfixes that improve the performance and user experience. Not all of them are visible to the end user. Fixes that directly affect software behavior and user experience are briefly noted below.

  • A fix was applied to make sure the expiration date of passwords is set after a password change was done both via Carerix UI and API. This means that (again) the expiry date of a password is updated every time the password is changed. Exception: in case the user decides to leave the expiry date empty, hence does not want to use an expiry date, we do not set an expiry date.

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