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Release 5.309 // 08 October 2022
Release 5.309 // 08 October 2022

Dynamic searching in Talentpools | New UI: preview header for candidates

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🔎Dynamic searching for Talentpools, Leads & Opportunities

Dynamic searching now is possible within the context of talentpools, leads & opportunities.

In predefined search filters which can be stored by users and administrators dynamic values can be selected. This automates the use of particular values in your search filter depending on the specific talentpool, lead or opportunity your are looking at.

If you want to find out more about dynamic search in a wider context and its possibilities and advantages (also for other entities), please check our dedicated help article via the button below.

🎨 New UI updates

The following elements in the UI have been updated:

  • The candidate preview is updated with a new header containing most of the actions, applying iconography and the use of colors consistent with the rest of the application. Also the status and available weekly working hours are displayed right below the candidates name.

  • Actions are moved into the header. Matching the candidate with your last active job order (visible in the context bar), downloading the CV (if available) or printing the candidate can be done from top of the preview. Also creating activities can be done from the meatball menu. It is not needed anymore to navigate to the activities tab to create an activity.

The bodies of the previews are also subject to changes in a later stage. Therefore it might be possible that there is some duplicate information for the time being. For example the candidate status and working hours are being displayed in the previews body as well.

  • Fixed a small bug causing blurry text in progress modal windows the moment the progress bar is nearing the 100%

  • Fixed a small issue with the chips in drop downs not showing actual values.

  • Added the missing 'set stage...' menu on the matches tab in the company files.

    ⚠️ Note: We apply a staged roll out for new UI elements and your system might not yet have them. In that case you do not have to worry as we will bring them to you any time soon! If you would like to be included as an early adopter, please contact your customer success manager.

🤖 Small improvements and bug fixes:

Every release includes minor improvements and bugfixes that improve the performance and user experience. Not all of them are visible to the end user. If the release contains changes that directly affect software behavior and user experience they will be briefly noted below.

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