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Release 5.285 // 23 October 2021
Release 5.285 // 23 October 2021

Changes in Carerix UI | Wordpress Plugin PHP 7.4 / 8 | Search on Social Security ID's | Several bug fixes

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We are renewing the Carerix User Interface!

We are renewing the Carerix application's user interface gradually by introducing small changes step by step. Goal is to enhance the user experience by improving the usability of the system. This will be achieved by using better icons, buttons, colors & fonts, increase the UI's consistency and sometimes also by small re-arrangements of available options and features.

By introducing changes in small pieces and doing so only step by step we strive to make the leap for users as small as possible. One should be able to seamlessly adapt to the changes and not be blocked in continuing the daily work.

The first changes will appear in the detail screens for a first group of customers in weeks 45 and 46. Based on feedback the changes will gradually be rolled out to all customers.

We will start off with changes in the header section of files: the appearance of the title header, buttons and dropdowns as well as the tabs and the controls to save/go back and move back and forth between your selection of files will slightly change.

Although we test our designs and changes at random and do our best to suit everyone's needs it is still possible that you would like to provide us with your feedback. Feedback is always much appreciated and can be filed to Please set Carerix UI in your subject line!

Smaller improvements, updates and bug fixes

Several smaller improvements with regard to the general functioning and security of the Carerix application have been applied. Amongst others the following issues have been addressed:

  • Candidates Social Security ID was added as a search filter in Talentpools and in Matches.

  • A bug was fixed that resulted in the city field in a user file not being updated in case the office of the user was changed. Changing a users office should change the value of the users city field accordingly.

  • An error resulting in the button 'edit folders' (in the email setup section of a user) becoming unavailable has been resolved.

New Wordpress Plugin v.2.22.0 released!

In our newest Carerix WordPress plugin v.2.22.0, we have made the plugin PHP 7.4 and PHP 8 compatible. We prepared the structured data for Google Job's' Direct Apply Link and our Sync via API is now out of beta. It now runs on PHP 7.0 - PHP 8.

Our Wordpress plugin is now compatible with PHP 7.4 and PHP 8.
Note: please keep in mind that not all hosting providers offer hosting of PHP 8 websites.

The feature Synchronize job posts by REST-API is now fully released and out of beta.
If you have not enabled Synchronize job posts by REST-API, please do so. By enabling, synchronizing jobs and other data will be done by the REST-API instead of the cxtools-feed (

The REST-API sync is far more efficient and less error prone and you can only fully benefit of our Google for Jobs-integration IF you sync Jobs via API.

Warning: in the next release of this plugin, planned for 1 Dec 2021, the REST-API sync will be automatically activated. You won't have the option to disable it anymore.

Google for Jobs

Google has announced developments on Google for Jobs, including the Direct Apply Link. The Carerix Wordpress Plugin is now prepared for this development. You can now add the apply link to the structured data you provide to Google. Please check the new settings in our plugin.

Please note the update form Google itself on their developers forum:

"Since we are still developing how we are using this information, you may not see any appearance or effect in Google Search right away."

More about Google's structured data and specifics about Apply link :

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