Carerix DataSource updates

The following changes to the Carerix Datasource product apply as of May 9th

  • The FTP server is upgraded;

  • A DNS A record is created with a direction to IP address;

  • The TLS wildcard certificate * on the FTP server is activated;

  • New method of authenticating is implemented (your username and password stay the same).

As of Monday May 9th it is recommended to use the Fully Qualified Domain Name to collect and download our datasource files.

The IP address remains active until (at least) July 1st 2022. Since the IP address does not match with the common name of the wildcard certificate, the TLS certificate will be incorrect. You need to allow and accepts this exception in your client one-time.

Smaller improvements & Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue for the unit workdays checkboxes not being available in the job order, they are available again

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