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Release 5.282 // 11 September 2021
Release 5.282 // 11 September 2021

Jobdigger | Belgium eID Reader | Whatsapp

Updated over a week ago

The following things have been changed or improved for a better user experience in Carerix.

  • The JobDigger integration has enridged the parsing of job order texts into the publication text fields. Now also company information and contact information will end up in the correct fields.

  • New Belgium eID Identification Document Subclasses have been added for Foreigner_EU and Foreigner_EU_Plus card types. Identification documents of these types now can be recognized by Carerix. Note: configuration of Identification Document table items is required!

  • The creation of a URL to connect with Whatsapp desktop or web application has been adapted to meet Whatsapp standards.

  • Resolved an issue on opening the attendees tab in a meeting causing the system to freeze

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