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Release 5.0.266 // 16 January 2021
Release 5.0.266 // 16 January 2021

Social Browser Plugin Update | Smaller bugfixes and improvements

Updated over a week ago

New Release Carerix Social Browser Chrome extension:

  • New Branding. The UI of the social browser got an update and now is in line with the new Carerix branding.

  • The parsing of information from Xing to Carerix has been restored and improved. Phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses (both private and work) as well as work and education history now are parsed (again) when creating a new candidate record using the Carerix Social Browser Chrome extension.

  • Due to a bug the Chrome extension did not show anymore on Xing and also the suggestions of existing candidate records that match the name of the person the Xing profile belongs to did not work anymore. This is fixed and works again.

Smaller improvements and bug fixes:

  • An extra tag was added to the Document Type of Attachment table. As a document subclass it now is possible to assign the VDABTag

  • Due to a bug it was not possible anymore to select a user role other than the administrator during additional role creation. This is fixed.

  • Weekly working hours in the candidate preview are moved to a more appropriate position.

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