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Release 5.276 // 23 June 2021
Release 5.276 // 23 June 2021

Automatically Parse basic candidate info | Belgium eID card reader now sets exact card type

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Carerix Platform

This release consists of minor bug fixes and general improvements of the overall performance of your Carerix application with amongst others the following fixes:

Automatically fill basic candidate information from the CV with Textkernel Search! (Beta)

Nowadays, with application forms on websites being as short as possible you often end up with candidate records missing a lot of basic information. Think of addresses, phone numbers, gender, date of birth... Information that often is included in the resume that usually will be required for an application. Together with the Textkernel Search! module it now becomes possible to let Carerix automatically fill out the blanks on your candidate General tab.

Belgian eID reader now will register exact card types

Scanning Belgian ID cards to create a new candidate record now can set the exact type of ID card. To make this work we have added the following Identification Document Subclasses to the Identification Document table settings:

  • FOREIGNER_A = Elektronische verblijfskaart type A

  • FOREIGNER_B = Elektronische verblijfskaart type B

  • FOREIGNER_C = Elektronische verblijfskaart type C

  • FOREIGNER_D = Elektronische verblijfskaart type D

  • FOREIGNER_E = Elektronische verblijfskaart type E

  • FOREIGNER_E_PLUS = Elektronische verblijfskaart type E+

  • FOREIGNER_F = Elektronische verblijfskaart type F

  • FOREIGNER_F_PLUS = Elektronische verblijfskaart type F+

  • EUROPEAN_BLUE_CARD_H = Elektronische verblijfskaart type H (Europese blauwe kaart)

  • FOREIGNER_M = Elektronische verblijfskaart type M

  • FOREIGNER_N = Elektronische verblijfskaart type N






The following improvements and bug fixes are included in this release:

  • Social Browser: fixed an issue that caused wrong city information to be included upon candidate creation from the Chrome plugin.

  • Social Browser: fixed an issue that caused an error when trying to add certain candidates from LinkedIn.

  • MailChimp: server and database migration have been completed

  • Fixed a problem that causes so called optimistic locking of (candidate) records, denying access of any kind to the record via the API.

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