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Release 5.283 // 25 September 2021
Release 5.283 // 25 September 2021

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Microsoft Teams URL in Carerix meetings

The description fields in meetings in Carerix are currently not equipped to handle HTML. As a consequence it is not possible to present clickable URLs. They are presented as plain text. This is causing an issue when you add a link to (for example) a Microsoft Teams meeting, it will not be clickable. That is unfortunate when the exact URL is shown, but it becomes unworkable in case the URL is not shown but hidden under a normal piece of text. This exactly what happens in case you create a meeting in Outlook/Office365 including a Teams invite. If that is combined with an active synchronisation of of your calendars on Microsoft and Carerix side, the link will become useless. Well, we are about to fix that.

From version 283 we start with a beta feature that will make sure that the description field in meetings is able to show URLs and users can use them in Carerix. The description field on Carerix side however will be set read-only as soon as the meeting is synchronised. In Outlook/Office365 editing is still possible and changes will be synchronised with your Carerix agenda as usual.

The feature for now will be available on request to test with (as it is beta) as we want to find out how it works out in practice. If you are willing to participate in this test stage, feel free to sign up via and make sure you include MS Teams in your subject line!

Good to know: we are also working on enabling creation of MS Teams and Google Meet sessions as part of a meeting in Carerix. Keep an eye on future release notes and product updates to stay tuned!

Smaller improvements, updates and bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue with filtering on opportunity procedures in the opportunity entity showing job order procedures instead.

  • REST API: check for valid date string for a timesheet was added

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