Configuration Profiles

How the Administrator can Create/Edit the UIconfig

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With UI config, or Configuration profiles, it is possible to adjust the User Interface per User Roles and even per User.

These are the files that can be configured:

  • Tasks

  • Matches

  • Candidates

  • Job orders

  • Contacts

  • Companies

  • Publications

  • Placements

These are the possibilities at this moment:

  • Hide Tabs in overviews

  • Hide Columns in overviews

  • Hide Tabs in detail-page

  • Hide Field-sets and Fields

  • Hide fields in Wizards

  • Set fields as Required

Design your own screen and improve your process

Disable non-relevant information using ‘Configuration field settings’ to work even more efficiently in Carerix. It will save you a lot of time and you will no longer need a user manual. A new feature is the option to link this configuration to a Status of the candidate or to a specific matching stage.

NOTE: There's also a report available from the document template library called 'UI config report'. This can be run to see per configuration profile which fields are set to be hidden or have additional qualifiers.

Start UI Config

  • Login with your Administrator account

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Configuration'

  • Pick a profile from the list and open it If no profile exists

  • Create a new one by clicking on [+new]
    - Base Configuration :
      You can choose one of the already existing Configuration profiles, (to use as
      copy) or choose Default
    - Name : "enter a name"
    - Description : "enter a description if needed"
    - Click [Finish] to save

  • Click "Edit configuration" button to enter configuration mode. Notice the configuration toolbar appears on top and only the left menu files that you can configure are visible. Once in config mode locate "gear" icons throughout the app and configure them for this profile

  • When you are done, click "Close" in config toolbar to save your changes and exit configuration mode. Click "Cancel" to discard your changes and start over.

  • Login with your Administrator account

  • Go to "Management

  • Open "User roles" overview

  • Open user role details

  • Set config profile:

  • Repeat for other user roles if necessary

Setting config profile for all user roles means that you have activated profile for ALL users.

To a Specific User

  • Login with your own account (must be an administrator)

  • Open users overview

  • Open user details

  • Set config profile:

  • Repeat for other users if necessary

Keywords: UD-1462

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