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Candidate overview - Tab bar
Candidate overview - Tab bar

Candidate overview screen

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The Tab-bar in the Candidate overview has a standard order:

All Candidates

This tab contains an overview of all Candidates of all 'Offices' in the Carerix application.

Candidates of my office

This tab contains an overview of the Candidates of the Office that is linked to the Carerix User.

My Candidates

This tab contains all Candidates for whom the Carerix User is "Responsible".


This tab contains all Candidate-files that are archived.

Screen setup by of use of Configuration Profiles

The Carerix Adminstrator can define which tabs are visible for which Users in the configuration profile.
This can be because some Users are not allowed to see Candidates from other Offices.

Note: When the Carerix Adminstrator has set a configuration profile, the screen setup can look differently from our screenshots within the help articles.

Also read the article: Change tab order of the tab bar

Keywords: UD-2220

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