Create a Trigger

Triggers are set lines which carry out an action. A Trigger is an if/then situation that can be set automatically.
If" an event takes place (e.g. status file changes, a certain date), "then" take action (e.g. send an e-mail, show a message, create a task).

To create a Trigger take the following steps:

  • Go to "Maintenance"¬†
  • Go to "Triggers"
  • Click "New"
  • Fill out the following fields:
    Name: Name of the trigger
    Active: Only the triggers on active will run
    Description: Describe the trigger. Meant for you to clarify what the trigger does.
    Notification to user: If a trigger runs because of the action of an user, the user will see a notification.
    If event: choose the event for which the trigger will run, for example Birthday candidate in .. ' or Placement is made.
    ps: Some events need an extra parameter.
    Then action: Choose the action to follow the event, for example: Send an e-mail with template code .. orChange status job order in .. '.
    ps: Some events need an extra parameter.
  • Save the changes
  • Create a trigger that uses E-mail templates by choosing "then action" - "Choose e-mail template" and using the code of the desired template.
  • Create a trigger that uses Task templates by choosing "then action" - "Choose task template" and using the code of the task template you have created earlier.
  • Always check if the trigger works, by causing the 'event' to happen. Check whether the required action actually occurs.
  • A second time the same event on one file does not activate the trigger, see the article Trigger doesn't work.
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