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Release 5.0.194 // 17 March 2018
Release 5.0.194 // 17 March 2018

GDPR update (6): added trigger actions and added consent information to match, improved German translations

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This two weekly Carerix release update is a pre-release note. We would like to give you more insights in upcoming changes and give you the opportunity and time to prepare/adapt to upcoming feature releases, updates and bug fixes. In two weeks from now this update will be live. In this Carerix Release (5.0.194) the following updates are included:

Improved German translations

The German translations of the user interface have been evaluated and updated. If you are using the German interface you might encounter some changes. Custom translated items will not be affected.


New Trigger actions

In release two trigger events will be added that might highly attribute to your GDPR processes:

1. Added a trigger action to set consent status

This trigger action will allow you to change the consent status based on a particular event in your database. For example: if candidate status is changed into X or match stage is set to Y than set consent status to Z.

2. Added a trigger action to set consent date on current date (today)

This trigger action can automate the setting of the approval date based on an event in Carerix and may help you in further automate your GDPR processes. For example: if you have certain events that call for an update of the consent date, one will be able to do so. It offers a higher level of flexibility to implement different ways and interpretations of 'consent given events'. Please note that you can always been asked to prove that the candidate explicitly has given the consent. Therefore caution with using this trigger action is advised.

In order to have immediate insight in the consent status and the expiration of the consent (if given) we have added this information in the hint panels of the candidate and match file next to the creation and modification date.

What else can you expect from Carerix with regard to GDPR

In the upcoming weeks and months we will update the system with other feature updates that together with the date and status of consent will provide you with a set of tools that will help you monitoring the status of the consent and if the consent is about to expire, revoked or renewed. Next to that we will offer tooling to align interfacing software like your website with this new functionality.

What is already available?

  • Anonimization tool to easily anonimize candidates in case they wish their personal data to be removed from your database

  • Consent date registration field (interface & REST API)

  • Consent status registration field (interface & REST API)

  • REST API toolkit to set consent date, status and period during application (for (web) developers)

  • Setting for Carerix Social Scoial Browser to prevent profile pictures to be downloaded while saving candidates (optional)

  • Update of the Carerix WordPress Plugin to set consent date and status during application

  • Update of the Carerix WordPress Plugin to add a checkbox and a link to your privacy statement next to the apply button

  • Candidate consent period field

  • Candidate consent expiry date

  • Search lines for consent date & consent status

  • Overview updates for consent date & consent status

  • Triggers to send notifications to recruiters upon the expiration date of the consent

  • Make Anonymization tool available per user role (instead of for all)

  • Trigger action to change the consent status upon f.e. the - expiration of the - consent date

  • Trigger action to change the consent date upon f.e. a final match stage

  • Visualisation of the consent in the match files

March 2018

  • Default white label e-mail template to ask candidates for (renewed) consent with automatic registration of result (YES/NO) and update of consent date if applicable

  •  Default white label e-mail template to send a candidate all information you stored in your database

April / May 2018

  • Further enhancement of visual consent expiration signaling in match and candidate files

  • Anonymisation of contacts

  • Consent history log; to see when consent status has changed


  • GDPR: triggers | added trigger action to set consent status

  • GDPR: triggers | added trigger action to set consent date to current date (today)

  • GDPR: consent status | Added consent status and expiration date to the hintspanel of candidates and matchfiles


  • Carerix Social Browser / Chrome plugin | Fixed a bug due to latest Chrome update causing the plugin to stay in shadowed state

  • Variable search filters | Fixed a bug causing exceptions when using variable search / automated filled values such as $user or $currentdate

  • ADFS | Fixed a bug in the logout procedure when using ADFS

  • Deduplication | Fixed a bug causing the checkboxes in the deduplication settings to be unchecked in some circumstances

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